August 27, 2006

well whaddya know

i always thought i was a mediocre animator. i mean, i was never the best at school, nor was i the worst. just... average. the same thing when i first started working out of school.

there was a point just a few weeks ago, before starting on "wubbzy", that i was offered two positions- animating, and background painting. i chose animating. while out to dinner with "the girls" the other night, one of them told me that it was really good to have me back animating at the studio, and that she knew i would choose animating and then she went on about how much i always loved really good timing and every aspect of character animation. huh. i didn't know i liked it that much. i mean, i've always, always loved animation and now that i'm really back it's hit me... i guess i'm not so average after all.
one thing though- i miss the sound of a nicely sharpened pencil on paper flipping, flipping, flipping...

August 21, 2006

the time traveller's wife

i'm re-reading the time traveller's wife, by audrey niffenegger. i frist read it about a year ago and it immediately went on my top ten list. i've got less than a hundred pages to go and i can't stand it anymore, even though i know the payoff in the end is huge and totally worth it. i adore the protagonist(s) and i'm finding myself hoping that the second time around, things happen differently. but as it goes it the book, if it happened once it'll happen again no matter how much i want it to be changed. then again, if it were to have a different ending, would i love this book so much? i leant it to my mom and she didn't like it, i think maybe the theory behind the time travelling is a little too far-fetched for her. i also tried to get my neighbour to read it but she couldn't get into it. generally speaking i'm not normally a huge fan of american authors- i tend to like the way the british unfold their stories better. for some reason this book draws me in and i can't put it down, or stop thinking of what's about to happen...

August 17, 2006


i find my mind wanders a lot when i'm doodlin'

August 08, 2006

my house

i love my house

August 07, 2006

o, you so funny!

some kid thought it would be super funny to put one of those sticky bar code thingies on the inside of the courtesy mall stroller. and you know, i do think it's funny. it was just annoying.

August 03, 2006


i used to love playing with peables when i was little