November 27, 2006

there's snow place like home

it's snowing. it's wet snow. great for snowmen and snowball fights, not good for roads and electricial lines and trees. a lot of trees in the neighbourhood have lost many branches, some have even lost more than half, all from the weight of the snow.
all the schools are closed in the gva... well, all private schools- public schools are all open. the picture is taken from the bathroom (it's too cold to go out onto the deck and take one there) looking north out onto the park and the school.

yesterday we had lots of fun making a snowman in the front yard and a hill to slide down in the back. the cat, mr. tibbs, didn't much care for being tossed out into a snowbank.

not much else is new really, we're still on that boil water restriction, i think it's day 10 or 11- the longest in canadian history aparently. i haven't been drawing much so i don't really have anything to show. i know, slacker. i have no excuses.

i'm just glad it's stopped raining.

November 23, 2006

happy birthday to me

yeah, it's my birthday, and thanksgiving (in the states but because my mom is american we celebrate that one too). i was born on thanksgiving... 5 pm toronto time.
my mom is at the house right now with the kids, hopefully they're not running a muck. ella wasn't feeling too good this morning and her face was as white as paper making the circles under her eyes even darker, so she's home from school today. our caregiver, meagan, is off to vegas for the weekend for her birthday, which is sunday. monday is my MILs birthday... the list goes on. lots of bdays this month.
on the work front, i love studio B and i have a pretty nice view of the mountains... you know, when it's not raining which it hasn't really stopped doing almost all month. o, look there's a seabus coming in now! hehe...

November 20, 2006

cake creation

i am a genius.

this is seth's cake for his 3rd birthday party with all his neighbourhood buddies:

November 15, 2006

happy birthday seth!

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear seth
happy birthday to you!

November 13, 2006

blah blah blah

i'm at my new post in studio B, loving the misty mountian view out the windows. all the new people i've met are really nice and welcoming. our old second year classmate, norman kritsch, is here, along with many other bardel/joseph animators. this is great, only thing is... i have no work at this moment. my supervisor has taken today off along with much of canada. so i wait until tomorrow.
on a side note, i actually do like my hair shorter. but, sorry andre, no pics yet :P
i've been lazy about posting the pics from hallowe'en and now i've got a couple more to post from last night's dinner at my parent's with derek's dad, partner, and my sister for seth's birthday. seth will be 3 on wednesday. my l'il gaffer is growing up. *sigh* time flies way too fast for my liking. grandad gave him a 2 wheeler bike, tony gave him some clothes and home depot tools, my sister and husband gave him some clothes and diego undies, and my parents searched and searched and found a rescue pack! yeah! "rescue pack! comin' to the rescue!"

November 06, 2006

buyer's remorse?

last march i got my hair cut. john, my "stylist" cut about 6" and that was, well, just a trim really after what i asked him for this past friday. i now have a bob. he ended up cutting almost a foot off. i asked for it, too, which is wierd. not that i'm worried too too much though... if i'm not really happy with it it's only hair and mine grows insanely fast, so in about 7 months it'll be back to the length it was thursday. i'm not sure i like it though, but i do at the same time. does that make sense or am i just blabbering...?

i'll post a pic when i'm brave enough to get out from behind the camera.

November 02, 2006

woo hoo!

wow, i can't believe it's been two weeks since i've posted. things are slowing down a little at work, wubbzy is wrapping up and i'm moving onto another project at another studio. first time at studio B! i'm very excited especially since i'll be on george of the jungle.

i'm also excited since i've asked for an accoustic/electric guitar for my birthday. the first one i picked out was a gibson j160 peace guitar. it's a replica of john lennon's after he stripped all the psycadellic paint off it. yeah, i think 3k is a little too out of the price range, but be-ooooo-ti-ful! only 750 made aparently. so after scouring many guitar websites and asking the opinions of jenn and edgar i picked out this:

it's still a replica of his guitar, but not made under the gibson brand, although epiphone is made by gibson, and a fraction of the price on eBay.
now there's just the waiting for it to arrive! yay!!!