November 13, 2006

blah blah blah

i'm at my new post in studio B, loving the misty mountian view out the windows. all the new people i've met are really nice and welcoming. our old second year classmate, norman kritsch, is here, along with many other bardel/joseph animators. this is great, only thing is... i have no work at this moment. my supervisor has taken today off along with much of canada. so i wait until tomorrow.
on a side note, i actually do like my hair shorter. but, sorry andre, no pics yet :P
i've been lazy about posting the pics from hallowe'en and now i've got a couple more to post from last night's dinner at my parent's with derek's dad, partner, and my sister for seth's birthday. seth will be 3 on wednesday. my l'il gaffer is growing up. *sigh* time flies way too fast for my liking. grandad gave him a 2 wheeler bike, tony gave him some clothes and home depot tools, my sister and husband gave him some clothes and diego undies, and my parents searched and searched and found a rescue pack! yeah! "rescue pack! comin' to the rescue!"

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