November 06, 2006

buyer's remorse?

last march i got my hair cut. john, my "stylist" cut about 6" and that was, well, just a trim really after what i asked him for this past friday. i now have a bob. he ended up cutting almost a foot off. i asked for it, too, which is wierd. not that i'm worried too too much though... if i'm not really happy with it it's only hair and mine grows insanely fast, so in about 7 months it'll be back to the length it was thursday. i'm not sure i like it though, but i do at the same time. does that make sense or am i just blabbering...?

i'll post a pic when i'm brave enough to get out from behind the camera.

1 comment:

Andre said...

post pics do it and i will shave my head :)