November 27, 2006

there's snow place like home

it's snowing. it's wet snow. great for snowmen and snowball fights, not good for roads and electricial lines and trees. a lot of trees in the neighbourhood have lost many branches, some have even lost more than half, all from the weight of the snow.
all the schools are closed in the gva... well, all private schools- public schools are all open. the picture is taken from the bathroom (it's too cold to go out onto the deck and take one there) looking north out onto the park and the school.

yesterday we had lots of fun making a snowman in the front yard and a hill to slide down in the back. the cat, mr. tibbs, didn't much care for being tossed out into a snowbank.

not much else is new really, we're still on that boil water restriction, i think it's day 10 or 11- the longest in canadian history aparently. i haven't been drawing much so i don't really have anything to show. i know, slacker. i have no excuses.

i'm just glad it's stopped raining.

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