November 02, 2006

woo hoo!

wow, i can't believe it's been two weeks since i've posted. things are slowing down a little at work, wubbzy is wrapping up and i'm moving onto another project at another studio. first time at studio B! i'm very excited especially since i'll be on george of the jungle.

i'm also excited since i've asked for an accoustic/electric guitar for my birthday. the first one i picked out was a gibson j160 peace guitar. it's a replica of john lennon's after he stripped all the psycadellic paint off it. yeah, i think 3k is a little too out of the price range, but be-ooooo-ti-ful! only 750 made aparently. so after scouring many guitar websites and asking the opinions of jenn and edgar i picked out this:

it's still a replica of his guitar, but not made under the gibson brand, although epiphone is made by gibson, and a fraction of the price on eBay.
now there's just the waiting for it to arrive! yay!!!

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