January 30, 2007

strange messages

i got two messages on my cell last night:

"Hello from Orlando. Hi there, here we are in Orlando. The Villa we rented is really nice. We have two cars rented as well."


"Tonight was just getting organized, eat dinner and just chilling because the flight was one hour late leaving Dallas so we finall"

no call back, or from phone numbers so i have no clue who sent these. very strange. i mean, most likely the person(s) sending the text probably realized that they had the wrong number, but on the other hand, i do have many relatives in the states, so it could be one of those... either that or aliens. probably aliens.

January 26, 2007

who's on first

seth and ella have a never ending argument along similar lines of Abbot and Costello's "Who's On First" skit and it goes a little like this:

seth: you is, i are.
ella: no, it's you are, i am.
seth: no, you are, i am.
ella: no, you are, i am!
seth: no, you are, i am!
ella: no, you are, i am!
seth: no, you are, i am!
and on and on it goes.
i've been doing some sketches and when i finalize the design i'll scan it in and post about it, but i'm working on a painting for my friend, kaaren, to hang in her living room. she's making a skirt for me in exchange. she wants it to have a psycadellic feel to it, and since her living room is their jam space and all of them play an instrument, a band painting is called for. the dude who sits beside me introduced me to this most amazing artist and i've been inspired by his work. this should be one of my favourite pieces to date... updates to follow soon(ish).

January 21, 2007


today the house was invaded by 6 (soon to be 7) year olds. it was a pajama party, and a great time was had by all! i think the present theme was littlest pet shop, which, aparently, all the girls are going crazy for. cake was eaten and enjoyed along with chocolate dipped strawberries and "muchie mix". ahhhh... i'm exhausted.

(sorry for the crappy post... still trying to figure out the "new" blogger)

January 19, 2007

happy birthday ella!

happy birthday to the bestest 7 year old there ever was!

January 10, 2007


time has slipped through my fingers like a handful of sand! aaaahhh! so, merry christmas, happy new year everyone!