February 13, 2007

no time for doodles

yeah, i'm a bit of a slacker these days when it comes to drawing in my sketchbook. actually i think i did some drawings in it a while back, but never got around to scanning them in. in the last few weeks i've taken on a lot of extra work, from freelancing at nitrogen to sewing stuff for ella's ballet. also making valentines for all the kids in her class, plus friends outside of school/classroom and the girls in sparks (girl guides). i know, life is rough waaaaah ! johnny t, whom i sit beside at work, gave me the files for the harry potter audio book series. LOVE IT! thanks johnny t!!! okay, i guess that's enough rablin' for tonight.. i've got revisions and cookies to make!

the drawing is for my friend kaaren and it will go in her living room where she and her family have a band set up. she's really into sewing (owns 26 sewing machines) and textiles and that's why the paisley...

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