March 30, 2007


derek and i each took a week off from work and took the kids on a road trip. they had no idea, although ella started asking questions: "why is meagan making dinner tonight, and why aren't we having pizza? where are all the toothbrushes? where's my hairbrush? why is lucy packed away?" seth on the other hand, being only three years old, was totally clueless. ella cried tears of joy when we told her we were going to california to visit grandad. we left on the friday night, and was detained at the border by US customs officials because we had sandwiches and apples for about an hour. not too bad actually... didn't know you weren't supposed to take apples.

that first night we made it just past portland. next day we made it to stockton. since we had an extra day before our pre-booked hotel at disneyland (which the kids didn't know we were going there either) we thought it would be nice to visit the coast. mmm, carmel and big sur! lovely day at the beach, clear and crisp and not at all foggy like carmel aparently usually is.

after a terror filled (only on my part) 2 hour drive along the cliff side, we made it to pismo beach to pack it in for the day.

i have to say here that this is the second time i've written this... the other night i wrote this whitty, humourous, well grammared post and when i went to save it to draft... i lost my wireless connection... argh!

on with the tale (less whitty and much less humourous as it is)...

california drivers are nuts. why pass on the right (squeezing through 2 vehicles) when there is NO ONE in the left lane? why stay in the left lane if you're going to get off the freeway (only to cross over 3 lanes, and barely make it onto the off-ramp)?? i mean, prepare for your trip!

disneyland was fantastic. ella liked most of the rides... not the haunted house, but loved pirates of the caribbean. seth loved the casey jr. train. didnt' really care for the haunted house or the matterhorn. derek's favourite ride was the big horn train thing in frontierland. mine was the tea cups and man, can derek spin them fast! woooo!

while in line for the tea cups we were watching all the riders. hey that guy kinda looks like christian bale. o my, it IS christian bale! awesome.

we ate dinner that night in downtown disney at the rainforest cafe. not too bad, the kids loved the rainstorm, freaked them out a little at first, especially seth, but bellies were full and the next day we headed out bright and early to palm springs where derek's dad spends 5 months of the year.

we stayed in palm springs for almost three days and then headed back home. good to be back. it rained today...

March 28, 2007

the deathly hallows

i've been listening to the "potter cast" and i seem to be addicted to it.

so many theories...

if you haven't finished reading the books, don't worry, i won't spoil it. or search for pottercast in iTunes