November 26, 2007

potato bread

i joined the daring bakers. i know, like i'm not busy enough i needed something else to occupy myself with.

the daring bakers is an online communtiy that makes one recipe each month and then compare notes. this month's challenge: potato bread. my first thought... ick. i don't have the patience to make bread and the recipe states to knead by hand. are you serious? not my most favourite thing to do, but because one of the rules of being a daring baker is to follow the recipe as written, i did as it said. next time i make this (and i only will because the kids and my better half loved it) i'm using my mixer. i hated the feeling of the wet, sticky dough on my fingers, and it didn't feel any nicer while shaping it. ick.

my dough after resting for 2 hours. now, here's where the recipe said i can do what i wanted (yay) and i really didn't want to make rolls, focaccia, or loaf pan...

i decided to make a braided bread (took 2 attempts to shape it to where i was satisfied with it)...

...brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with sea salt.

i made my famous roasted butternut squash soup to go with the bread.

the kids loved it.

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