November 11, 2007


i've been searching for robot stuff for seth's birthday party. he's turning four this week and is "automatic". we have know idea what he means exactly, but you know, he's four and loves robots and "is lego inside".

there should be about a dozen kids of various ages and we all know kids love crafts! the best ones i found were papercraft toys from loulou illustration, speakerdog, and toypaper. i love the ones from toypaper, but they're way too complicated for a four year old. ah well, i guess they'll have to settle for covering their loot bags with stickers and glitter. hopefully at least one kid will make a robot.

the reason i bring this up is to not go on about our son's extravagent ideas, no, it's all about me! muahhhahaha! while looking for robots i came across... flying undies! lmao!

i'll post a pic after i make it. tee hee.

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