December 03, 2007

family fun weekend

saturday morning started off with a little sprinkling of snow while ella and i were running around town... first to dance class, and then to a birthday party for her good friend grace at build a bear. as usual she had a blast and a huge thank you goes to grace's mother and grandmother! by the time sunday rolled around our plans to go and see enchanted went to the wayside. there was just too much snow and i wasn't about to go risk life and limb driving in that mess just to see a movie.
so, we bundled up and went to the park with the toboggan with all the rest of the neighbourhood kids!

after we were too wet and cold to stay out any longer, we came inside to warm up with hot chocolate and spiced apples over cinnamon pancakes! mmm, man they were good!

our snowman in the front yard

these are the gingerbread men...

...and sugar cookie snowflakes i made for goodie day and bake sale.

there's nothing left.

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