January 04, 2008

post christmast post

i've been meaning to post about christmas morning since, well, christmas morning but with all the hullaballoo of the day, week, month, etc., this is really the first moment i've had since.
the first thing the kids got into christmas morning was the stockings. inside- harmonicas, shakers, slide whistles and chocolate!
the musical instrumets were among the biggest hits with the kids. also huge hits... littlest pet shops, jammies, cowboy and octopus and the spiderwick chronicles.
after some breakfast with gramma and poppa (my parents) and more opening of presents, it was lunchtime and time to get the turkey in the oven. now, because seth had said that, "it's going to snow because it's christmas." it did. not a whole lot where we are, but granny had a hard time getting up her hill in new westminster. all in all, it was a picture perfect christmas day. except that my turkey was done about an hour before it was supposed to be (damn stupid small crappy unlevel oven!) and i spent the rest of the time shooing everyone out of the kitchen so i could finish the rest of the meal.
this is ella giving shawn and shelley (now engaged, congratulations!) their tin of christmas goodies. this year i made gingerbread men, sugar cookie snowflakes with nonpareils and sanding sugar smooshed into the icing, peanut butter cups, candy cane cups, cherry cordials and chocolate dipped pretzels and kiwis! we gave out a few of these tins to friends and family. one of our friends literally screamed with joy when she opened it up for a peek. to me, that made the three 1am nights decorating and melting totally worth it!
also on christmas we had pie. two- apple and pumpkin. you don't see a photo of the pumpkin pie because of my stupid oven burnt half of the pie. yes, half. i know i should have turned it around midway through the bake time, but i was busy with getting the tins in order- you don't mess around when there's tempered chocolate!
and anyways, it's okay... i prefer apple.

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