July 20, 2008

firehall fun

we spent about an hour today at our local firehall for the annual open house. seth was definetly the most excited of all the kids- that's him with his cousin, violett, who was more concerned with that knob thing. seth waited a very long time to sit in the driver's seat. and then the fireman told him to put the headphones on. talk about highlight of the day!
violett stared at this fireman, who was brittish i think, until i put her in his lap... then nuttin'.
just as i was taking this pic seth said he was going to take a bite of cake. that's our neighbour, tessa, with him.
it was so hot today that no one, well, no one but zoe was brave enough to put the ENTIRE firefighter's outfit on! she even has the tank on!

a big thank you to our local firehall! keep up the great work!

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