July 14, 2008

happy birthday, gramma!

i know, it looks like some strange alien rock. what is it? it's my mom's birthday cake! my mom loves ice cream so i decided to make her something that i've been dying to try out for years... a watermelon bombe! i first saw it in a martha stewart magasine many years ago, and then on her "living" show. a few months ago i finally got the ice cream attachment for my KA mixer, and now watermelons are finally not too expensive at the grocers. i couldn't find pistachio ice cream anywhere so i added some green gel paste food colouring some plain ole vanilla. one whole 2 litre container will do both the green and white parts of the bombe. the watermelon sorbet is to die for! i added peppermint schnapps instead of the white creme de minthe because that's what i had. i tried to make her vanilla ice cream as well, but it just wasn't good enough for this concoction- dorie's vanilla ice cream is much, much better. i think the only thing that i would definitely change is the vanilla sponge cake (although when i made it it was really hot even at 10pm and made a mistake with the division of the sugar- i didn't divide it so it was a little too sweet- oops!). probably a pound-type cake would be much better. i also wouldn't put plastic wrap in the bowl first, a good run under warm water would have gotten the bombe out of the mould just fine. i think a nice smooth finish would be much better than alien rock! lol

if you're interested in making this, all the instructions and recipes can be found here at martha's site.
happy birthday, gramma!

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MsC said...

wow, this looks AMAZING!