July 03, 2008

showing off

it's been way too hot to bake here- bad for my boredom, good for my strawberries! late last year i was given one strawberry plant and it spread and grew and spread some more...so from that one plant in only one year i picked about a pint of fresh super sweet strawberries from my own garden! woot!
here's a shot from ella's dress rehearsal. the ballet was called "sleepover spoiled". it's hard to see, but that's our girl getting her hair pulled and throwing the popcorn up in the air. it was too funny- during the show she made her startled face, giggled a bit, and went back to the face. like we didn't notice! cheekythis is my boy. kaliedascope and magnifying glass at the same time.

i'll get to more baking once it's cooled down a bit.

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A Mommy said...

strawberry show off!