September 05, 2008

lac le jeune

lac le jeune is located just north of merritt, and south of kamloops, with an elevation (of 1,280 metres) higher than the toll booth on the coquihalla (elevation: 1140 metres). the bc parks website describes the campsite as, "Nestled among an open stand of lodgepole pine, spruce and fir, Lac Le Jeune Park appeals to campers and anglers seeking an easily-accessible getaway spot." yes, very easy to get to, but because of the pine beetle infestation, many of the lodge-pole pines are long gone, which made hanging a tarp quite the challenge.
there was this really long wheelchair accessable wharf for fishing, that's even visible on google maps! we spent a few hours trying to catch fish......with no success. ah well... there's always next year.
we could hear the loons calling eachother all evening and morning, but the only wildlife we saw was these cows:even though it was totally freezing up there this past long weekend, we had a great time. derek's brother and his wife, shawn and shelley, came with us for the adventure. i think earlier in the season, this place would be great to camp!this is probably the best shot i took:

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