November 15, 2008

happy birthday buddy!

today my favourite little boy turned 5! we got him the tower of doom! and had his party at the local gymnastics club...
everyone had a great time! a big thank you to everyone that came out!
the cake is made from a williams-sonoma "easter octopus" cake mold. i didn't know octopus was a traditional shape at easter... lol... i made dorie's perfect party cake and used orange juice and zest instead of the lemon 'cause that's what i had. i coloured half of the batter blue and put that in first so when we cut the cake the octopus was blue and the sand was white. since i didn't need much buttercream, i just made a very simple american buttercream. after all, most 5 year olds don't appreciate the texture and effort put into a swiss meringue buttercream- they just want the sugar!
i'm still getting used to our new camera- our older trusty olympus point and shoot (yes, all the other pics were taken with a cheap point and shoot!) died a terrible and sudden death (soon i'll post the last pics it took), and unfortunately this new one (nikon coolpix) doesn't have as good of a macro :( but that's okay since hopefully soonish we'll be gettin' one of them fancy shmancy digital SLRs...

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