May 23, 2008

volunteer tea

i have been feeling pretty awful this week, some type of flu. and it figures because the weather was finally great, there was a holiday on monday (victoria day), and at the end of the week was the annual "volunteer tea" at our daughter's school. the tea is to thank the parents who volunteer throughout the school year for everything they've done to make the kids' schooling richer. we've played music, baked pumpkin pies, one to one reading, scholastic book fair, made applesauce from the apples in the school garden, had a cookie factory, created art, made fossils (which was the coolest idea and one day i'll blog about that event), taken the time to plant flowers and veggies in the garden with them, sports day... the list goes on and on. the best thing is the assembly when the kids themselves say thank you to the various parents and teachers and why volunteers are so important. needless to say i was a bucket of tears this year (again actually).
every year mrs. patty wong arranges the best spread you can imagine: spiral sammies and olives, savory pastries, cheese and crackers! fresh fruit and tonnes of strawberries: mmm! oh and the sweets! don't even get me started! mrs. wong makes these raspberry lemoncream tarts that are just so wonderful and i'm going to ask her for the recipe. now, the highlight of the feast is always mrs. wong's coffee punch. you can never have just one cupfull and come to think of it, could liken a starbucks frappuccino to tasteless mush, it's so good. i asked her if it would be okay to share with the world and she looked at me and said, "why of course, dear."
mrs patty wong's coffee punch
*this needs to be made and frozen at least one day ahead
3 cups extra strong coffee (make it 3x as strong as you normally would)
2 cups sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 quart half and half
1 pint whipping cream
brew your extra strong coffee as per your coffee maker. while hot, dissolve 2 cups sugar. add in the vanilla and cool to room temperature. stir in the half and half and cream. pour the coffee mixture into a freezer safe container until you're ready to serve it. the best way to serve is in a punch bowl, still mostly frozen- don't forget it will thaw and still be oh so yummy!

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