September 23, 2006

past pieces

i was just looking at some images of some of my old paintings and i think i'll post some of my favourites. this one is actually four, each one about 11x14" watercolour on really thick medium cold press paper. named spring, summer, autumn, and winter (duh). i did these probably about *gasp* 8/9 years ago and they've held up pretty well, moving across the country twice and being stuck in the basement for a couple years now. right now they're still in the basement, in one of my portfolios waiting for some nice frames so they can maybe go up on the walls, but who knows that may never happen. i'm not sure if i want every piece on display at our house to be mine. i do have a great painting of a cow jenn brission (who totally rocks, btw) did for me in the hallway by the kids rooms, and a very large norman kritsch indian peace pipe painting in our living room. we've also got a klimt print in the living room as well, along with my yellow submarine macfarlane toys. be careful not to touch sgt. pepper, his head might fall off :(
i don't know why i feel like telling all this to the universe, but hey why not...