September 01, 2006

so, what's new?

while chatting with andre today on messenger, i got to thinking... how many of us from sheridan's class of '95 are out there? what have you been up to in the last decade? are you still animating, or have you found something else interesting? have you moved around a lot, or have you firmly planted roots? who have you worked with since leaving school? any interesting stories to tell like the time when i...?

c'mon i know you're out there- leave a comment or add me to your messenger list!

i leave you with this pic:


Scott Wright said...

Hey Deb...well I've worked with a few people including. Ricardo, Steve Cunningham (his office is down the hall from mine) Martin Hopkins (his office is around the corner), Kathy Feraday, Fransisco, Dimos, Rob Weaver, Corey Wilson, John Hinshelwood have all worked at DreamWorks...I see John Luciano all the time, he works on South Park...and has worked on a number of feature films. Kevin Addams is still at Disney (I see him every so often). Grace is down here. John talks to her and has worked with her on and off. Jeff Hunter is at EA in San Fransisco. That's all I know of off the top of my head. Does that help a little?

deb said...

so i take it you're based in LA? wow, you've worked with a whole lotta people from school! i've worked with norm kritsch (he was in our second year class), greg kovacs and matt campbell (both from a year after us), and franscisco worked at bardel on either joseph or silverwing- but only for a short time. i've pretty much been at home with the kids (ella who is 6, and seth who is 2) since the days of joseph, and also only worked at bardel here, in vancouver.

anything you wanna say here on my blog helps... the idea was to encourage the lurkers to comment and share stories, etc.... i read on yours that you're engaged, so congratulations my friend!