June 20, 2008

cookie fun

i had some sugar cookie dough left over and this afternoon the kids rolled it out, cut out their selected shapes, baked them and then covered them in royal icing and coloured sugars. look at that guy above with that grin. i turned around for 1 minute to grab the camera and i found about a cup of flour on the counter... for rolling, of course. can't have that last couple ounces of cookie dough stick to the pin: of course it ended up all over the place, but it wouldn't have been much fun if it hadn't.

here we have some serious rollers. silicon, wood, and marble.

it was a super fun afternoon, and i have to remember to let kids be kids and make a mess... as long as they help clean it up ;)


Big Boys Oven said...

this is so superb and fun . . . so envy you, it is so enjoyable!

deb said...


we really had a good time!