June 13, 2008

small business???

i've been thinking a lot these days about starting up my own cookie store. well, not just cookies, but cupcakes, too. and cakes. but i like candy, too. o, and i love coffee. maybe a cafe type thing. we only have one in our neighbourhood currently and rumour has it that a starbucks will be moving into the building that is taking forever to be finished. i think it started in 2004 and is still not yet completed! i really like the idea of cupcakes! but i don't like that you really can't sit and enjoy them there. i also don't like getting up too early. i know, sucks if i want to be a baker.
i'm completely obscessed about the idea and i'm overwhelmed... anyone out there know where to start?


Lisha said...

Hey Debbie I was reading an article in the British Country Living magazine about Kate Shirazi who has her own cupcake business from home. Her website is cakeadoodledo.co.uk if you want I can scan and email you the article but the website gives you an idea.

deb said...

thanks lisha!