August 23, 2008

birkenhead park

our last stop was birkenhead provincial park. talk about saving the best for last! wow! i only wish the weather was better. the lake is surrounded by mountains on all four sides, and those aren't small mountains either! all the sites seemed extremely private- there was lots of lower foliage to block the neighbours' views, and lots of larger trees for shade and to hang the tarp. there wasn't a site across from us, so that was nice. i kept hearing a strange noise though, sounded kinda like a highway, but there was no way i could hear that since to get to the park you had to drive a 17KM gravel road... so i did some investigating:
yup, the birkenhead river! right across from our campsite! wow!
the water system is still being installed and so we had to get our water the "ole fashioned way" and pump it. it was orange due to the amount of run-off from the mountains, and needed to be boiled, but it was fine for dish and hand washing. we did find a pipe from a diverted stream in the parking lot that had crystal clear ice cold water! mmm!even the outhouses were picturesque!on one of the sunny breaks we headed down to the lake trail to, well, the lake for fishing. just before you enter the trail there was a bear caution sign. yikes! ella was very excited to try fishing with her very own $9 canadian tire fishing rod. thank goodness derek isn't squeamish like me about worms. i can handle them if i have my gardening gloves on.
after an unsuccessful afternoon of fishing it was time to find the wood guy. we found him while walking sawyer and told him that we were at site #30. yay! we bought some chicken on the last grocery stop before coming into birkenhead and i just salt and pepper'd 'em and rubbed them with the oil that we brought from home. each fire pit has a grill attached to it and i just covered it up with some tinfoil, held it down with rocks, and watched the chicken cook:
i tell ya, i really got the hang of camp cooking by the last day!
after our wicked chicken dinner, we packed up the fishing gear again and headed back out to the lake. ella was determined to catch a fish, and once there was an audience larger than the family (early 20s guys and gals with beer and rods), she caught one! it was a bull trout, which is being replenished at birkenhead lake, and so we needed to put it back. we couldn't be more proud of her!!! awesome job, ella!
we'll definitely be heading back to birkenhead. be sure to bring some drinking water before you get there, and hang your tarps first!

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