August 12, 2008

manning park

e.c. manning provincail park is located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains and it's within a three hour drive from Vancouver. of course it took us a little longer to get there since sawyer (our pup) thew up in the car, and we had to stop for lunch since we left later than we planned, but hey what can you do. once we got to the park and our site was chosen, we began to set up camp. we went for a quick walk and then came back and made our first dinner: annie's mac and cheese and hotdogs and carrots. (don't worry i got better at working that camp stove!the kids were so hungry they ate it all in 10 minutes or less!and of course after a long day, and once the fire was hot enough, we made s'mores. seth for some reason doesn't like his marshmallows too of the things i liked most about manning was not the fact that there were showers (cold ones at that) but that the washrooms (those with flush toilets) were solar powered!the first morning i was woken by the sound of two loons calling eachother from across the lake. it's quite chilly in the tent in the mornings, even in august. be sure you have a good sleeping bag! the second morning i woke up early to take sawyer for a walk and when i got to the edge of the campsite i saw a deer faun leaping around from site to site. a moment later it's mother appeared. she saw me standing there by our car with the dog, although sawyer never saw anything playing with the slugs, stared at me for what felt like 5 minutes, calmly turned around and left around the corner, her faun leaping behind her. the picture below shows the deer, which looks much further than she really was. kinda reminds me of my christian bale siting at disneyland! lolwe walked around half of lighning lake from our campsite to where you could rent a canoe either by the hour or the day.after the canoe ride we hung out by the shore and had a snack and a drink while sawyer had his one and only romp in the water. after everything was packed up, trash and recycling safely in their bear-proof bins, we were off to the vista point which is across the highway and up the mountain. i don't much care for heights so i stayed back from the edge. waaaaay back lol! the kids, especially ella, wasn't fazed. it sure is beautiful up there:

all in all we had a great time at manning park and we'll probably venture there again.


Lisha said...

Oh I love Manning Park. The last time we camped there was when Sam was the size of a small soccer ball in my belly. Thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories......I can smell the wood smoke now.

Lina said...

how gorgeous! I want to take a trip up to Canada! I love it up there!