September 08, 2008

lisa and aaron

just before leaving on our lac le jeune trip, i made 5 dozen cookies for lisa and aaron's wedding favours. i made my usual sugar cookie recipe, but i added a whole vanilla bean to the mixture. it was quite rainy that week and it took more than 24 hours for the royal icing to dry! yikes!my dining room table was covered in cookies! and the smell drove me nuts it was so nice, and i made just under 6 dozen (extras just incase of breakage during travelling, packaging, or me making a mistake with the monogramme).
congratulations lisa and aaron!

here's the cookies looking all pretty on the plates! lisa and aaron's photographer was david truss. i couldn't find a website or blog for him... but a nice shot, hey?!

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A Mommy said...

great job!!! They look amazing.