July 29, 2006

lantern festival

okay, i think this was the 4th lantern festival, or illuminaries, in a row for us. the turn out this year was as usual fantastic. lots of new lanterns, lots of different stilt-walkers, faeries, a troll (on a bridge, too!), the wishing well, lanterns floating on the lake, and the fireworks finale. i love the lantern fest, especially now that i've got kids. this was ella's 5th fest, and seth's second- he sort of understood what was going on, or as much as an almost 3 year old can. one faerie tried to cuddle him for a picture and he just gave her a look. can't wait for next year!

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Monkeyfeather said...

Post more drawings!!! Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog. Good to see you again, even if it is through this crazy internet thingie.