July 28, 2006

steady as she goes

i've been working as much as i can on these first scenes, and i've figured out a lot on my own. it's taking much longer to get it done than i thought. well, it's been 6 years since last i animated- so, no wonder! still, i can't help thinking that way. the kids drive me a little bit nuts when i'm trying to work while they're at home. this morning one of my wonderful neighbours took both the kids for about 2 hours and in that time i figured out not only what i was doing wrong, but also how to do it right. i can't help but be proud of myself- it's not easy going back to work when technology changes your profession. classical animation is a dying art. here's a strange drawing from the other night while watching the tele.

tomorrow night is the lantern festival at trout lake and ella is talking non-stop about it. what costume should i wear? i need good shoes to dance in, what ones should i wear? i love my lantern, i made it last year.... here's a pic from last year's "festible"

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