November 23, 2006

happy birthday to me

yeah, it's my birthday, and thanksgiving (in the states but because my mom is american we celebrate that one too). i was born on thanksgiving... 5 pm toronto time.
my mom is at the house right now with the kids, hopefully they're not running a muck. ella wasn't feeling too good this morning and her face was as white as paper making the circles under her eyes even darker, so she's home from school today. our caregiver, meagan, is off to vegas for the weekend for her birthday, which is sunday. monday is my MILs birthday... the list goes on. lots of bdays this month.
on the work front, i love studio B and i have a pretty nice view of the mountains... you know, when it's not raining which it hasn't really stopped doing almost all month. o, look there's a seabus coming in now! hehe...

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